June 2015: Google Tech Talk

Invited to speak at Google’s Mountain View headquarters about the importance of seeing the Internet.

Featured On These Podcasts:

Vandal Truong's Curious World PodcastShow Name: Vandal Truong's Curious World Podcast
Host Name: Vandal Truong
Episode: 29
Show Recap: Brilliant & funny photographer Shuli Hallak discusses art, technology, and how both shape our world-- and ultimately, our future. dun dun DUN!!!

QNY TechShow Name: QNY Tech
Host Name: Daniel Kuney
Episode: 15
Show Recap: On this week\'s show we discuss everything from the FCC\'s major net neutrality decision to how one small broadband company in NYC is trying to offer a competitive alternative to the big cable companies. Topics: ArsTechnica / FCC votes for net neutrality, a ban on paid fast lanes, and Title II (article) Crain\'s / David versus the broadband Goliaths (article) Mapping the Internet with Shuli Hallak - invisiblenetworks.co Hosts: @danielkuney @nsegura @ShuliHallak @ShrihariPandi

QNY TechShow Name: QNY Tech
Host Name: Daniel Kuney
Episode: 13
Show Recap: Topics: Obama tussles with Silicon Valley over encryption Jon Ronson: How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life (article) Fred Wilson: The Mobile Phone Addiction (article) Nick Bilton remembers David Carr App recommendations: Moom Tutanota Day One Hosts: @danielkuney @nicolasdaring @shulihallak @sbriggman

May 2014: Invited to photograph Facebook’s data center

Photographed Facebook’s Prineville data center

Photographed Padtec’s subsea cable sea trials


February 2014: Featured in Fast Company Magazine


Invisible Networks: One Woman’s Fantastic Quest to Photograph the Living Internet

Released Colo Atl’s eBook

November 2012:
Featured in:
Slate Behold Blog:  “Running The World on Energy.”